In 2005 Water Polo Canada made it a priority to develop the sport of water polo in the Maritimes. The Provincial Water Polo Association (PWPA) was created in late 2006, and its prime mission was to promote the sport of water polo here in Nova Scotia. In 2012, PWPA changed its name to Water Polo Nova Scotia (WPNS); its mission remained the same!

Although the number of athletes playing water polo in Nova Scotia has increased since 2005, WPNS is committed to continuing this growth in the province and promoting the sport throughout Atlantic Canada.

The provincial head coach is Nickolay Shulga, a veteran player himself who coached teams at the national and international levels in Ukraine, the Former Soviet Union and Saudi Arabia, before starting the sport here in the province.

Water polo is considered by exercise physiologists to be the most physically demanding of all sports. Not only do players usually swim more than 3 kilometers in the pool over the 1-hour and 15 minutes it takes to complete a game, but also have to contend with extensive physical contact, both above and below the surface of the water.

Age groups for youth teams usually range from 9 to 16. Adult teams start at 16 year old.

Water Polo is an exciting game with physical, technical, and psychological demands. This makes it unique among team sports. There are no specific skills required: all you need is a love of water, a readiness to have fun and the desire to get fit!

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