I Love Water Polo – Kids Program

What is “I Love Water Polo”?

“I Love Water Polo (ILWP) is Water Polo Canada’s introductory, grass roots water polo program for boys and girls ages 8-12 (although easily adaptable for younger or older age groups, or even adults). In a learn-to-play environment, similar to swimming lessons, participants discover the game of water polo, and the basic skills involved in aquatic sports. The ILWP program also helps to enhance the participants swimming, balance and coordination skills. No prior water polo experience is required. The only pre-requisite is that participants should be able to swim one width of the pool.



Winter 2015 Programs

Cornwallis YMCA




Spring/Summer 2015 Programs

I Love Water Polo – Canada Games Centre. Looking for something different than swimming lessons? Want to expand your aquatic skill? Then why not try water polo! Our friends at Water Polo Nova Scotia are helping us offer the first 2 levels of the I Love Water Polo (ILWP) program. This program helps enhance swimming, balance and coordination skills.


ILWP – Level 1 | Ages 8-11 (Swimmer 2 or higher)
Members $60, Non-Members $80
Prerequisite: Ability to swim 10-15m. Deep water competency is recommended


ILWP – Level 2 | Ages 11-14 (Swimmer 3 or higher)

Members $60, Non-Members $80
Prerequisite: ILWP Level 1 & ability to swim 25m non-stop.







If you would like to start an I Love Water Polo program in your community, contact Janice Cougle – PSO Administrative Coordinator at 902-425-5450 x 370 or [email protected] for details.