Nova Scotia League

Nova Scotia Open Senior Water Polo League

Water Polo Nova Scotia is re-opening the league.

The format is based upon the european “mini” water polo rules.

This means teams will be made up out of 5 people.
(Goalie, 3 players and 1 sub).

Game nights will be once a month (near the end of the month) from 7-10 on Sundays. Each block of regular league time is 3 hours, to allow for 6 games (3 per team).

Games will be 2 halves of 10 minutes run-time, with a 3 minute break between halves and a 5 minute break between games.

Games will be played in the width of the pool and because you only have a 3 man team this means lots of ball contact.

The relationship between the regular season games and the Final Tournament Round will be as follows:

  • Points to determine standings for Regular season games are 2 pts for a win and 1 pt for a tie.
  • Ties will stand in regular league play.
  • For the Final Tournament, teams will be allocated points based on their regular season’s standings, which will apply to the final tournament.

First = 3 pts
Second = 2 pts
Third = 1 pt
Fourth = 0 pts


In the League Finals, each win is worth 1 pt. There will be no tie results. All games will have winners determined by sudden death overtime (2 x 3 minute periods) and penalty shots if necessary.

The league is free as long as you are registered with a affiliate club.

Teams will be created equally by WPNS, individual sign-up is now open.